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How to Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Their Heat

Just like women, when your bitch goes into her heat season, it is not at all pleasant for her too. It is too lengthy, messy, and can get uncomfortable for her as well. Spaying is always an option before your girl’s first heat, but new studies have shown that it is a better idea to let your dog go into heat till she is an adult. The hormones will help in her growth and also improve her joint health. Studies have indicated that if large breed dogs are spayed or neutered before they are adult dogs, this will affect their joint health in the long run. You can get more information on canines from We Love Doodles. This is why you should let your dog go into heat till she fully grows. Till then, it is your job to make her feel comfortable during her heat cycle. 

Here are a few tips that will help you do the same.

  1. Stay Close:

A lot is going on right now with your girl, and she may feel physically uncomfortable. This is why she would become clingier and want to be around you. Pet her more and pay more attention to her. If you have to stay back more at home, then make some adjustments so that she feels comfortable. Rub the sides of her belly as she may feel comfortable when you do so, especially if she is feeling any discomfort. Different dogs react differently to being in heat.

  1. Give a New Chew Toy:

Chewing on a toy may comfort her for some time and keep her interested. Get her new toys so that she gets distracted and a little active as well.

  1. Do Not Scold Her for Bloody Mess:

Just like when women get their periods and accidents can happen, the same situation can arise with your dog. If you see bloody stains on the floor, do not get cross with her. She may be feeling embarrassed already. Just clean it up and comfort her. 

  1. Ensure She Drinks Plenty of Water:

Your dog’s eating habits will change during her heat. This is why she must stay hydrated all the time so that the body can tolerate all the changes. It is called heat as the body temperature will rise. Plenty of water will make her feel comfortable.

  1. Feed Her Comfort Food:

Your dog may not be hungry that much during the heat. She may skip her meals too, if she feels some discomfort. You should put up food that keeps her cool, like rice and curd. Some chicken and rice are also a great meal option. If your dog is used to kibbles, you can continue with that, but if he seems disinterested in eating kibbles, then you can add some variations to keep her interested in food.

  1. Give Extra Potty Breaks:

A lot is going on down there right now, which is why your dog might want to go to the potty more times. In fact, when women face their periods, they also feel the need to use the bathroom more times. This is the same with a bitch. She may pee more than usual. Take her out more often to pee and potty to avoid accidents at home. 

  1. Invest in a Good Diaper:

Many different kinds of diapers are available in the market for your dog to use. We highly recommend you use cotton pants in which pads can be attached. This is very comfortable for your dog to wear and also is a cheaper option as you just need to change the pad. The pants can be easily washed at home. On the other hand, using diapers is expensive as it is just one-time use and throw material. You can also do a simple DIY. Just buy baby diapers which will be much cheaper than the ones for dogs. You just need to cut a hole where the tail will pass through, and voila, you have a cheap DIY dog diaper.

  1. Keep Disposal Wipes Handy:

There are still chances that accidents may happen at home, and you may see blood drops on the floor. Keep wet wipes handy all the time to clear the floor if you find any bloody mess. Avoid using wipes on your dogs’ genital area as they usually lick their vagina to clean it more often during the heat cycle. If you feel the need to wash her, you can use a gentle dog shampoo and water to clean her private parts.

  1. Keep Her Away from Male Dogs:

You surely do not wish our bitch to get pregnant. This is why you need to be really careful now. Do not leave her alone in the backyard. Male dogs can smell the scent and may aggressively try to enter your property to mate. Ensure you keep your dog inside so there is no unwanted litter.

  1. Understand the Length of the Cycle:

Your dog must have stopped bleeding, but that does not mean her heat is entirely over. It may go on for a few more days, which is why take a few more days of precaution to be absolutely sure that her heat is over.

  1. Ignore Change in Behavior:

If your dog used to be really disciplined but suddenly seems to be mischievous, ignore it till her heat is over. Her change in behavior is because of hormones, just like it happens to women. This is just a phase that will pass. You just need to let the heat get over. 

The Bottom Line:

Keep a note of her health. Check if she feels a little active and her nose is wet. You cannot expect her to behave completely normal, but she should not be dull all the time. If you find something alarming, visit the vet. In the long run, consider spaying as an option. As your dog gets older, the chances of pyometra or uterine infection can increase, which could be life-threatening. Talk to your vet to discuss various options.

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